Who We Are

A place where kids feel love and accepted! Every Sunday and Wednesday night we desire for every child to experience God's power and develop a passion thats unmovable and contagious. 



Ages Newborn – 3 years old

Palace Kidz believes in ministering to the needs of our young families by providing a safe and nurturing place that parents can bring their babies. Parents can rest assured that their babies are in a safe and loving environment.

Our volunteers work to create an atmosphere that shares the love of Jesus Christ to our littlest members. Our Nursery is equipped with a safe check in and dedicated team to watch over your child while you enjoy the worship service. 

The Nursery is available during the following times:
9:30am - Sunday Discipleship
10:30am & 6pm - Sunday Services
6:00pm Wednesday Night Classes and Prayer Time


Jr Palace Kidz

4 years old - 6 years old

We know that young children love to learn, which is why our Jr Palace Kidz provides learning experiences in a colorful and engaging atmosphere. 

Through illustrated Bible lessons, creative crafts, fun music, our kids are learning the truth of God's Word in bite size bits.

Jr Palace Kidz is available during the following times:
10:30am - Sunday Services

Palace Kidz

1st Grade - 6th Grade

Every kid is ready to interact and discover. Our services and classes are designed to engage the heart and mind of children as we present the love of Jesus in a way that is exciting and makes sense to them.

Every week they get to play games, experience dynamic worship, work on memory verses, learn about new things, receive prayer and make new friends. 

When you engage the interest of children it provokes them to discover things about God personally.

Palace Kidz is available during the following times:
9:30am - Sunday Discipleship
10:30am - Sunday Services
6:00pm - Wednesday Night Classes 

Michael & Ashley Lamkin

Children's Pastors


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