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Our Vision

Palace of Praise  - we exist to expand the Kingdom of God by exalting Jesus Christ and equipping the saints with ministry and purpose.  


The vision of Pastor Miller and this church family is to have 2,000 people actively engaged in serving at the Palace in their area of giftedness which will enable us to reach the tens of thousands of lost souls in our city and surrounding area. 

God has assured Pastor Miller that the resources and the people needed to fulfill the vision are already in the house.  If you have chosen the Palace of Praise as your home church you have been sent to this place at this time to help bring about the greater vision for the Kingdom of God!

In Numbers 18 God was talking to Aaron about the Levites who were set apart to serve in the Tabernacle.  God said, “I have chosen them from among the Israelites. To you, they are a gift, dedicated to the Lord for service in the Tabernacle.”


You are a gift sent to this house.  You have been chosen by God to offer yourself for service in order to see the vision fulfilled.  We are thankful for you and want to see your gifts used to the fullest.  To ensure that we help you in the best way possible, please click on the link below called "Get Connected".  Complete the online form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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